What is your child doing with the new Personal Computer that you bought him?
Where DID they go today?

Do you have the time to look over his shoulder and supervise? Guess what happens the minute you stop supervising? They are surfing Triple X and other undesirable web sites! Are they using the computer for educational or purely recreational purposes?
With Web Mantis, you can now monitor a whole week’s activity in a matter of a few minutes.

Let them Know You care

Here are some interesting things that youngsters are reportedly doing with their personal computers:

Violent Games: This is by far the most popular pass time. But, do you really want your child playing these violent games?

Triple XXX Content: You can try to block it by other means, but it is ultimately your moral responsibility to monitor your childrens’ activity! These ponographers are really making big bucks on the web, and they can afford to hire great programmers to outwit those writing the blockers. If you think blockers that key on certain words will solve your problem, then click on www.whitehouse.com warning! that is a porn site!

Buying Drugs: Did you know that you can purchase prescription drugs over the Internet without ever seeing a doctor? Many pharmacy sites are springing up. You need only enter some medical information, a mailing address and a credit card, and they will send you these prescriptions. CNN® just ran a series where a 10 year old child was able to purchase these drugs.

Hacking Sites: This means they attempt to use sites and information not intended for them by entering unauthorised pass words. Seems like fun to some, but this activity causes untold havoc in the business and government world. These are federal crimes, and the FBI investigates.

Buying Wine: All they need is your credit card number. Are you home when UPS delivers?

Fraudulent Purchases: All they need is a credit card number. Yours?

Cults: Why not join a cult today? Moving to Tibet seems more interesting than living at Shady Lane.

Building Bombs: Hard to believe, but the recipes and plans are readily available on various web sites.

Making Very Undesirable Contacts: Every type of human imaginable is out there. Do you want them to know your child?