Web Mantis is a “Cyber Tracker”.

Web Mantis captures a computer’s entire desktop and saves it to a secure database. The Web Mantis viewer allows subsequent viewing of the various desktop images stored in the Web Mantis Database.

Web Mantis is a “Teaching and Training Aid”.

Web Mantis allows a teacher or trainer to monitor the progress of assigned projects. It become quickly obvious when the progress of a project goes “off track”. Web Mantis stores the step-by-step progress of an assignment. The trainer can quickly determine “what went wrong?”, and redirect the student onto the right path.

Web Mantis provides “Groupware Collaboration”.

Large projects require cooperation and collaboration between several individuals. At the end, all of the pieces of the project need to fit seamlessly in order to achieve success. Sometimes, a piece of the project is assigned inadvertently to an individual that can best be accomplished by another, possessing some “key bit” of information.

Since you can see “how did I get here from there”, more experienced individuals can tutor junior members in “better ways of doing things”.

Web Mantis provides unsurpassed “Auditing Capabilities”

Since a supervisor (or guardian) is able to view the images contained in the database, complete inspection of tasks being performed and items being viewed by various computers in the workgroup is now possible and practical.

The supervisor can review an entire week’s activities and productivity in just a few minutes from a remote location using the Manager’s Viewing Software.

Web Mantis provides “Project Tracking and Accounting”.

Sometimes management, and customers are unrealistic in their expectations of how quickly a project can be delivered. Web Mantis displays a minute by minute, hour by hour, visual history of any project.

You can prove who worked on any project, and how much of their time was allocated.